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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

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Professionals in the legal, tax, accountancy and financial sectors are often faced with the problem of bibliographical research. Ascertaining whether a given matter has been commented on, by whom and where exactly is often of great concern to researchers and practitioners alike. The continuing growth of information technology and telematics nowadays facilitates bibliographical research by effortlessly using logical criteria that can search for archived data from various perspectives and present the researcher with precise answers to the many questions asked. Iusimpresa has been set up with this aim: to offer a rapid, complete and easy-to-use instrument which, on the basis of an initial selection made by the site itself, provides bibliographical data for publications on economic law published from January 2001 onwards. The database will be updated as and when new material become available. The principal idea is to provide a 'transversal' collection of legal information covering the following areas:

  • private law
  • administrative law
  • civil law
  • law of banking and financial intermediation
  • labour law
  • commercial law
  • insolvency law
  • industrial law
  • criminal law
  • tax law
  • EU law
  • information technology law
  • accountancy
  • economics, accountancy and finance

The archive will provide the user with the following bibliographical data:

  • author's name and surname;
  • title of the article, case note or monograph;
  • journal in which the article or case note is contained;
  • publisher;
  • name of the case being commented on, where possible.



Pursuant to article 5 of the Copyright Act of 1941, official acts of the State and the public administration, whether Italian or foreign, are not subject to copyright. Copyright in signed texts belongs to the author thereof. Reproduction of the data contained in the archive is permitted exclusively for personal use. This portal is not a journalistic publication and will be updated as and when material becomes available, hence updating will not be on a regular periodical basis. Therefore, the portal is not a publishing product governed by the provisions of article 1, paragraph III, of Law no. 62 of 7 March 2001. Copyright subsists and all rights are reserved in the web site graphics and layout as well as in the search engine program and processing software. Links to the home page from other sites are welcome as are comments highlighting any typographical errors, omissions or inaccuracies.

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